Association of Iraqi banks: Central prohibited branches in areas Daash

Wadih Nouri al-Handal, head of the Iraqi private banks association detect control instructions from the Iraqi Central ban on dealing with the branches of Iraqi banks Daash organization, and the closure of branches located in the cities and places that Zbtr by this organization. And said Handal in a special statement on the sidelines of the Conference of Arab Banks Union in Sharm el-Sheikh on financial inclusion that Rafidain Bank is considering a return to expansion in the Egyptian market through the conversion of its Cairo representative office to a branch shall carry out all activities and banking operations in coordination with the Central Bank and his Iraqi counterpart Egyptian. And revealed the signing of a joint cooperation between ASEAN and the Egyptian Banking Institute of the Central Bank of Egypt, to support the training of cadres working in the banking sector of the Iraqi banking agreement, as well as cooperation between the central banks of the two countries to take advantage of banking banking experience in the restructuring of the Iraqi banks. He pointed Handal boil central approval for the restructuring of large state-owned banks in Iraq, which controls about 85% of the market size, a private bank Rafidain and Rasheed, said that the Iraqi private banks, the share of deposits amounting to $ 10 billion, and the government $ 70 billion. Handal emphasized that the Iraqi banking sector still suffers from obsession uncertainty, stressing that the demonstrations in his country and caused unemployment to rise, and that there are 3 million displaced Iraqis from several provinces, and the widow million. Iraq, which sits on a branch of bitter melon in 1200 to about 38 banks, stressing that the Iraqi Central Bank decided to allocate 5 billion pounds to support small projects.