Oil and parliamentary Energy: Oil prices will not return to normal only after long

September: A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Jamal Mohammed, Sunday, that there is talk of oil high in 2020, with all predictions indicate that oil prices will not return to normal levels, but after a long time . He called Muhammad Iraqi government to "declare a state of austerity, and the search for sources other than oil, as well as building the budget on the prices of no more than $ 45 a barrel in any way," and urged to "develop the oil sector itself and work to increase production in order to enable Iraq to stand on its own feet. " He stressed that "the arrival of oil prices to more than $ seventy per barrel is far-fetched in the near time because the global economy is going through a severe crisis, and that a lot of the amount of oil floating in the sea did not find a good market to sell them, in the sense that there are large quantities of oil offered for sale and there is no Order it ".