Infallible poses after Eid a national reconciliation initiative to support reforms Abadi
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 22-09-15 02:18 am

Baghdad news/Haider alamshani
Even paper reforms made by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, unable

Be the focus of convergence of Iraqi political poles, and perhaps the main reason behind the lack of goals was not a delay in their implementation, but in the absence of consent and agreement of the political parties about these reforms, perhaps generated objections and unhappiness, the absence of genuine national reconciliation between the parties and atmosphere wetted bring different perspectives to the meeting point of the "national interest", despite political sought, and that everyone has failed to achieve this requirement for quite some time, and as professionals, need to be addressed Personal national political acceptability of all parties, this role was played by the former President, Jalal Talabani, and perhaps there are several similarities between the character and the last mode before the infallible one irreplaceable, is addressing the Declaration of comprehensive initiative for national reconciliation and reforms and rectify the political process as a whole.
As head of Republic Fouad Massoum on completion of the project of reconciliation in the country poses after Eid al-Adha. Masoom said in an interview to the press, that the discussion on national reconciliation for the past 10 years was just talk is useless and was like the Byzantine controversy, indicating the presence of an integrated project of reconciliation among Iraqi parties has been completed and is expected to be put after the Festival to be the concept of reconciliation with both internal groups and includes a comprehensive vision.
And block citizen initiative welcomed the President of the Republic to be submitted after the feast, the cluster member mp said Habib told terminal with "news" that the call of President Fouad Massoum to present his initiative after the feast will have a positive impact on the ground, especially as the President allows him to take such a step as a mass citizen support this initiative seriously in order to move out, he stressed that the personal Terminal President Fouad Massoum is a permanent hub for all electrodes It is not about party or block other leaves but was President of the Republic of Iraq as a whole without being biased to any particular party, this step comes under the umbrella of the reforms, they are in the right way.
Yonadem said we were in an interview with "newsletter" welcome any step be towards national reconciliation so that no reforms unless there is a genuine national reconciliation, urging political rivals to accept this initiative and work for its success, especially since it came from a person with the admissibility of all political blocs, stressing that if everyone in the same boat can rise in the country, and we will continue as we are now. Therefore, any initiative going in this direction we are with them and with the national implementation of all incorrectly textured.
While stressing the Kurdistan Alliance mp longings: that paper reforms made by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi was not the President of the Republic is absolutely, dry, in an interview for "Baghdad" important that there is a genuine national initiative is implemented properly in order to correct the entire political process, stressing that the agreement represents the three Presidents that advance of projects or initiatives to achieve and implement informed everyone under the guise of national reconciliation, the McCann Decreases initiative Abbadi who announced without the knowledge of the President and the speaker of the House, and the consequent submission of a paper reform of the speaker, so this initiative of the President of the Republic is the result of a reform Abadi that he did not know the President or speaker of the Parliament.
It seems that national reconciliation, which seeks to achieve President will differ from its predecessors in terms of content in the light of available data for this, and who features Pant through the formal greetings this initiative prior to launch.