Government launches project "construction of a vacation home.

Council of Ministers announced the launch of a project to obtain construction license via the internet network Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Housing and Construction and municipalities Ibrahim anticipate that the Ministry of Construction and Housing issuance of building permits in the Iraq team leaders The ministry has succeeded in providing project that worked him three years ago, indicating that the project means the launch of the electronic form for the purpose of issuance of building permits which they can get a citizen vacation construction or renovation, and experienced a home in less than two weeks. "
He explained that the project is very simple and can be any citizen access to the site, stressing that the ministry has trained more than 1,100 employees from various quarters who had singled to issue building permits. "
He said the project work will start this month in the municipalities of people and Karkh, and will be working in all of Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. "