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Parliament: political pressure against reforms Abadi

Tomorrow/Baghdad: politicians, noted Monday that there is pressure on Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi for changing the shape of reforms affecting some political blocs, stressing that reform is not easy because some of them need legal legislation.

He said honest independent Parliamentary Bloc Chief frankincense for "tomorrow", that "there are no threats to Abadi, but some heads of political blocs such as Iyad Allawi called for Al-Abbadi change only and this remark is an anomaly, not a substantive result of the pressure exerted by corrupt on Allawi to declare in this form", adding that "clear reforms by reducing salaries and reduce the protections and reducing and exempting ministries or retirement of a large group of holders of degrees."

Labban said that "the advent of voices opposed to certain reforms was expected from some of the characters because they are deprived of many funds that were obtained was derived through the practice of corruption," Abbadi continues to msitrh and will not waver in this direction, and we hope to detect corrupt files corrupt offers to justice so that the level of trust granted him the Iraqi Street and the authorization granted by the reference ".

"The implementation of reforms and other goods need time and legal intervention or a period of time to show us the profiles and who stands behind it."

Meanwhile, Ahmad said Al-jarba, the head of the Nineveh Iraq parliamentary block for "tomorrow", that "the situation is very tragic, even Government since the fall of the former regime after 2003 n put security and economic", noting that "there are political sums trying to impose themselves on the State and reduce the importance of the army and police, making it difficult task Abadi or anyone in the current circumstances."

Al-jarba said that Abbadi withdraw at the moment, so it is not counted as a weak point because it has no viable rescue the country from chaos expected to hit in the future, "pointing out that" politicians, especially those belonging to block Prime Minister when people demanding reforms to force all supported reforms but the moment when the man protests subsided there see some politicians began to question the reforms. "

"The political parties participating in the political process want reforms in accordance with their wishes and if the current Government replaced the manual did not come with political personalities away from the Party on the basis of merit", excluding "threats up to assassinate Al-Abbadi because the reforms, and that became today's Iraq country legal mafias that are more dangerous than terrorist mafias."

Either the Kurdistan Alliance mp Najib najiba says "tomorrow", "the Iraqi Street came out for all types of services and fight corruption, which is widespread in all State institutions, but so far the reforms undertaken by the Prime Minister is" austerity, saying that "there are actions taken by Abbadi economically will be reflected in the coming months including industrial loans, agricultural loans and real estate.

Najib said: "I can't confirm the existence of the pressures suffered by Abadi or not, but it is not easy in the situation Iraq politically, economically and in security so there are difficulties in applying certain reforms", stating that "reforms should be based on partnership and compatibility and non-marginalization of the components and of their partners in the political process, this is very important because the reforms necessary."

She noted that "there are no reforms can Abadi implemented as change and reform of the judiciary in particular is an important requirement for the masses, the other reforms that might be able to achieve."

He was Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi said in his speech at a celebration honoring working for processing retirement martyrs in their homes, and was attended by "tomorrow" that past reforms even if cost his life, and this is not the first time that this sentence by Abbadi says, it was repeated in more than one forum and a number of statements issued by the library.