A major scandal laundering operations at the bank auction run by authentic Tabra
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Sumer News: Baghdad - MP for the National Alliance, Ahmad Chalabi, Monday, for a "grand laundering operations" scandal in the Iraqi Central Bank run by "authentic Tabra" auction, at the same time pointing to the former senior agent post in the Interior Ministry with the house Tabra in the ministry for decades. Chalabi said in a statement carried by official page in social networking sites, said that "after the son Essam al-Asadi scandal in the waste of money that exceeded the wealthy world, Ibrahim Mohammed Tabra whose father owns the place wash small clothes in Amman and his uncle Thoroughbred after his release from prison penniless works accountant comes dart in small company couriers office in Cairo salary of $ 2,000."
Chalabi and added that they "have become today's world's richest people after Adnan al-Asadi involved in the internal contracts with authentic and restored Thoroughbred ATM bankrupt, to manage them big washing operations across Central Bank auction."

For his part, Iraqi businessman known and named Mr. Ali tempted Sumer News's, that "the senior agent former Ministry of Interior Adnan al-Asadi and his son Hussein, two of the Avelsa ministry by personal contracts include weapons, clothes and food from the state treasury," noting that "the current Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban ministry received free from any budget."

He tempted the "al-Asadi moved from the bosom of Uday Saddam Hussein to the Dawa Party," adding that "With a group of his followers Ahajon Ghabban which cleans the ministry of corrupt from the rank of lieutenant to the rank of a team."