Approval of staff salaries for two months

11:43 09/21/2015

The Ministry of Education confirmed that the guarantee of its cadres in the pay of the usurped the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar, Salah al-Din is a priority uncompromising as affecting thousands of families live source and strengthen their association with the central government.
The ministry revealed in a statement that "it continued, and during the last term to address the official authorities, particularly the Ministry of Finance to ensure the past months to the people of those provinces the distribution of salaries."
And between general education Nineveh manager, Taha Faloa, that "the pressure exerted by the Minister of Education and correspondence frequent subject of his parents' salaries in Nineveh resulted in the approval of the Ministry of Finance cadres of Education for the province of Nineveh pay the salaries for the months of June and July," adding that "salaries will be distributed after the Eid holiday by Commissions specialized financial this subject. "