A mass demonstration in front of the Kurdistan regional government building to demand a reduction Kurdish officials' salaries by 50%

Arbil - Iraq-Presse - September 21 / Sptbmr: Witnesses in Arbil province, said Monday that dozens presidency of the region demonstrated in front of the government building, demanding the reduction of officials and parliamentarians' salaries by 50%.
He said one of the activists, that "the campaign aims to create reforms in a way serving the Kurdistan society, which suffers from difficult economic conditions," noting that "During the past few days has been the launch of a campaign with the aim of justice officials and parliamentarians' salaries reduced by 50%."
And he added that "the neglect of the suffering of the citizens will reflect seriously on power in the Kurdistan region and push the demonstrators to expand in demonstrations across the Kurdistan region in the event of non-response," adding, that "the Kurdish parliament took a step during the last period provided for a reduction of 20% of the salaries of its members in Demonstrators demanded by making it 50%. "ended O.h