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The parliamentary economy recommends the formation of committees to monitor the disbursement of loans for small and medium-sized

Tomorrow/Baghdad: parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, on Monday, that most government institutions in the proportions experiencing financial and administrative corruption, noting that it recommended that the Government oversight committees to monitor the disbursement of loans to small and medium-sized private sector support and not wasting that money.

Committee Member said Nour albegari "tomorrow", that "If the Government wanted to do private sector that dominates the border entering goods poor-country", stating that "the Government has allocated huge amount to support small and medium-sized loans to contribute to raise the Iraqi economy and improve the product.

Albegari said that "the Committee recommends that the Government set up committees to control mechanisms for disbursement of loans so there is corruption or wastage of these funds", noting that "it is hoped that private sector support and recovery of loans, the Government will dismiss her."

"The Commission worried about small and medium-sized loans disbursed to some uncontrolled investment by financial control or committees within the House.