Parliamentary Finance: anti-money laundering responsibility of the central bank exclusively

Brother - Baghdad - The parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the application of measures to combat money laundering and terrorism financing law will be the responsibility of the central bank exclusively.

The committee member said Masood Haider "The past period has seen significant weakness in the fight against money laundering and the smuggling of hard currency and therefore has been coordination with international financial working group to prepare a draft anti-money passed by the Parliament recently laundering law."

He added that "all measures taken to implement and activate the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law is the responsibility of the Central Bank of class basis."

Haider said that "the anti-money laundering department at the Central Bank will be strengthened and judges linked to the Department of Economic Security, as well as the employment of legal experts and economists," adding that "the law still needs more time and effort to fill the void in the banking sector."

He noted that the parliamentary finance committee and after the rise in the dollar exchange rate, I noted "the existence of mafias supported by some political decision-makers in Iraq."

And "that there are names of accused of smuggling currency and money laundering to the Iraqi judiciary and the banking sector and the Central Bank, will be right to take legal action."

The House of Representatives voted last week to approve the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law.