Deputy: private banks are unable to make cash

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - reduced the parliamentary finance committee member Haidar al-Mutlaq of private banks ability to provide liquidity to the local market during the next term.

He called an expert on economic affairs Bassem Jamil Anton earlier, the central bank is to establish standards and mechanisms for the distribution of financial loans in order to avoid becoming corrupt and blackmail tricks and setting conditions for borrowers to ensure the return of the loan.

He said al-Mutlaq's (IMN) that "the Commission does not count too much on private banks to provide liquidity to the local market over the next Khallaal term, because of the reluctance of the work of some banks and some Trort money laundering, as well as the smuggling of foreign currency out of the country."

He explained that "the government relies mainly on the Rafidain and Rasheed class, as well as TBI Bank Administration in the financial crisis and business dealings and the granting of loans to the citizens."

Hdhiredo and Finance Committee MP Masood Haider earlier, the risk of external financial borrowing and its negative impact on the Iraqi economy, pointing out that the oil wealth of Iraq to the considerable human and capabilities not utilized properly.