Deputy alliance accuses the figures to rise by "corrupt political money"

Bgdad_abar today - Accused the MP for the Federation of Iraqi forces to meet with the pink, Monday, figures in the Union to rise by "corrupt political money", while confirming that the representation component of the "Sunni" wants to resort to elections.

The pink in an interview for the Agency for News today that "there is resentment of the political figures of power blocs within the Union, because it did not represent a real component of the Sunni representation."

She added, "These figures came through elections by the corrupt political money, and stepped on the expense of citizens and did not represent them and did not utter their vote and their cause," arguing that "this product of the mistakes of the citizen who has chosen some of the characters through the money."

She continued, that "Whoever wants component representation of both the FIS or other, he must resort to elections", noting that "quite a bit to have a voice criticizes negligent but there must be diagnosed and combines them all."

The Salvation Front, which is composed of tribal leaders and academic figures presented itself, on Saturday (19 September 2015), a substitute for the forces "Sunni" participation in the government, pointing out that those forces did not serve the "Sunni street".

And went out the first founding conference of the Front, which took place before yesterday, several recommendations notably refund "contraband" that "seized" by Iraqi politicians Forces Union, as well as the dismissal of ministers and to hold union powers because they "did not give anything."