Increase grant journalists covered by the retirement fund to 300 000 dinars per month

Twilight News / pension fund manager Iraqi journalists Shafiq Mahdi on Monday announced an increase in the monthly grant amount disbursed to reporters covered by this fund of 200 thousand dinars per month to 300 thousand dinars after the availability of funds and that is sufficient to achieve the announced increase.

Mahdi said in a statement responded to Twilight News, said that the increased amount of the grant came in line with the high prices and the existence of financial abundance investigating the possibility of the increase, which will include the Iraqi Journalists neighborhoods who meet the conditions, as well as the families of the deceased, and that it will pay the rate of once every two months and acted from the first of October this year.

The Mahdi had earlier called for all journalists covered by the pension fund or who are not covered by who meet the criteria for benefiting from it, as well as the families of the deceased journalists who have spent long years in the profession of journalism is not working in government departments, to complete their files identification and submit their applications for inclusion The new pension salary which will see a marked improvement in their value.

He said Mahdi said the pension fund will include all the Iraqi Journalists who meet the requirements for obtaining a pension regardless of whether they told reporters prior to 2003 or beyond, and there is an intention to include a lot of names that deserve salary and retroactively since the beginning of this year as long as there Msthsalh of the Fund and surplus funds in calculation of resources by official bodies and legal reports issued in 2014.