Reliable sources: the Iraqi judiciary is preparing for booking on the company's assets, "Zain" Telecom

Leaked information from reliable sources, for initiating the concerned government authorities to seize the company 'Zain' for non-payment of dues of the Iraqi state, at a time when owners enriched richer obscene after it absorbed the 'blood' of the Iraqi citizen, because of greed,
and get as much of the money for services Contact bad.

According to the information, if booking on the company's funds, coincides with the direction of government agencies to the rigor with companies that deliberately encroach upon the Iraqi laws by not paying their dues to the state at a time when the state need the money to sustain the momentum of the confrontation with al-Daash terrorist.
With the decline in prices Oil, the non-payment of Zain dues represents an aspect of corruption, a phenomenon associated with the company Zain, through the exploitation of the Iraqi citizen, to reap huge amounts of money from it, as opposed to bad and poor communication services.

The cast breach Zain Iraqi laws, regarding the payment of taxes, financial benefits , breach of good conditions of service, highlighted the disregard for Iraqi citizens and deception by the company.
According to informed sources in statements to the media, the existing coordination in full swing with Zain, the views of influence in exchange for huge sums of kickbacks from the company.
Also, according to sources that al-Abadi campaign reform shed light on corruption Zain of ill-service and non-payment of dues, which has fallen into the steps booking for property company.
applique, an example of a lot of companies in Iraq that received government support through loans, administrative, legal, investment and facilities for its work, but in return, hurt citizens Iraqi and he lost confidence communication networks.

In spite of the bad service and the enormous profits made, but the companies most notably the 'Zain' decided to impose a tax of 20% on the scratch cards are the latest buzz in the Iraqi street, and stepped up calls for the government and the media and communications need to take a stand recovers the right of the citizen.

contrast, Zain is keen not to upset Ptaakedadtha with political poles and traders in the Kurdistan region and its eagerness to gain satisfaction country destinations, Zain is part of its investment in Iraq.
and apply it to other companies, has said the report in the July 22, 2015 , the sale of 70% of the shares of the company 'Asia torrent' of the State of Qatar, and the dictator of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, an accomplice with the State of Qatar to open contacts Iraq in front of 'tapping' the country, what poses a threat to Iraq's national security
and the demonstrators Iraqi unfurled in the streets to protest, slogans condemning the poor communication, calling for the accounting defaulting companies, most notably 'Zain', and press them to abolish the tax on the consumer burden, and improve services, and lower prices.

And disclosed an MP for the coalition of state law high Nassif in August 2015, 'the establishment of a foreign country such as Qatar buying high of communications and the complicity of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani because he wants to introduce connections Iraq to foreign countries what allows them to eavesdrop ', saying that' there is not a state that respects itself and sells 70% of the shares of foreign state telecommunications company because it shows the country's external security and internal to the danger '.
In 07.27.2015 confirmed the two users' ACL 'and'zan' level communications lines that went down recently to record levels of mediocrity, which 'lost their trust companies contact in Iraq, because of poor services'.

In return for the bad communication services, Gent company like 'ACL' as a result of the expansion of its revenues by 4.10 trillion Iraqi dinars for the year 2012 with doubled during the current year 2015 to reach 6.17.
indicates a field survey among the public to the citizens complain of slow and shoddy services and price Expensive text messages with tenor advertising call and that 'cause us great annoyance', in the words of a number of citizens'.

Since 2003, entered the communications service in Iraq, many of the companies most notably, Zain, Asiacell, our communication, security, and Korek Telecom.
and available communication and mail services in Iraq at a very early period, as available online before 2003, through call centers or by phone and wireless communications modem, too, were not allowed to use only in a narrow range in the field of leadership only by using the associated satellite Thuraya phones, and since 2003, Internet revenue wireless communication for Iraq and become accessible to everyone broadly.