Parliamentary Education calls to interrogate al-Shahristani and repair ministry

[Baghdad-where] called on the Commission on Higher Education Parliamentary House of Representatives to question the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hussain al-Shahristani "to restrict the Commission's work towards the ministry." The Chairman of the Committee Harqua Mirza said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "the importance Cancel additional episodes in the Ministry of Education, which weigh heavily on the government of agents and advisers and managers of two years, suggesting sufficiency agent and adviser to the minister." He added, "The Commission considers the importance of Cancel positions is necessary in the ministry and exclusive Alkovoh figures capable of managing their posts, "pointing out that" the Committee submitted a proposal to the House of Representatives to be the agent and adviser to one of Shahristani and the abolition of the rest. "He said Mirza to, that" the reforms voted on by the House of Representatives package included All matters affecting the education sector Committee wanted by presenting it to parliament to find realistic solutions to reform the education system in the country, however, we did not seek any implementation by the ministry, "adding that" the Committee drew to host the Minister of Education, but apologized for the presence of any host only after approval the Prime Minister was informed the presidency of the House of Representatives so.

"He added," The cooperation between the members of the Education Committee in Parliament, and universities are very weak with preventing committee members from participating in events and activities and university directing heads of universities by the ministry not to respond to communications of members of the House of Representatives. "
He said Chairman of the Education Committee in Parliament, said that "our attitude toward the ministry's performance has become constrained by a series of decisions of the opinion of the Ministry of Education that do not fit with the conditions of the country and our students so we our inability to convince the ministry and the minister, who was warranted comes to that decision of the opinion."
and between Mirza "The committee addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and left the decision to them to host and questioning of the Minister of Higher Education in the House of Representatives session for the purpose of clarification of all things and stand on the whole perception about the performance of the Ministry of Higher Education and the position of the House of Representatives decisions and in front of people."

The House of Representatives has called in its last Wednesday, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hussain al-Shahristani to come to the Council in advance of a nearby presence of questions from MPs to answer Anha.