Logistical: Most of the reforms carried out Abadi rumors and not to be applied inaccurate

Said Baghdad provincial council member Saad logistical Saturday, that most of the reforms carried out the prime minister, noting that "the rumors are inaccurate not to be applied." He said logistical told all of Iraq [where] a copy of "rumors not to apply Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi government reforms inaccurate, noting that" the focus of administrative reform consists of nine five of which points carried out and the remaining four in the application. "He added that" most of the reforms Abadi applied From cancel the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister as well as authorized the dismissal of general managers, saying that "with respect to economic reform was launched 6 trillion dinars in loans in the Iraqi market to activate it."
He noted the logistical that "government reforms need to legal proceedings must take their time, indicating "The situation does not change the push of a button, he said."