Kurdish lawmaker committees reforms is non-professional preparation and confirms the emergence of signs of political conflict

[Baghdad - where]
counting the Kurdistan Alliance MP Jamal Panthers, existing committees on the preparation of the government "is a professional reforms."
The Panthers told all of Iraq [where], "The only flaw in the reforms, the features are not clear to us, how to take place and on what basis? What are the commissions that you make and how they are chosen people? What are the criteria Is exclusionary or reform and what are the foundations choice? ". He added that" all these things are not clear to us, and the government because it was built on the foundations of the quota system and compatibility, there are points of feel excluded components, because the reforms this is not real but a formality and hit the example of merging two ministries, saying: "that we see is the integration of the two ministries and the a minister manages the two ministries note that this minister was not able to ministry management one. "and the Panthers" We do not know Is there really committees of experts and professionals who do not have partisan leanings are doing these reforms, "he said," if it is not the formation of committees professional real national long all party affiliations we will be in front of a catastrophe because the reforms will be a formality and there will be oppressed political conflict and a future
"He said," we feel that this heralds began to appear, because we do not know where is a professional of professionals are the people what is the professional standards? Have not been so far approached the universities to provide experts and there is no direct contact with the authorities and institutions that provide advice, we do not know of lives of those committees, what are the foundations upon which these committees Is Haley committees outside the government or governmental pure? ".

He explained Panthers" This inquiries should be answered before making these reforms until there is a political and popular contentment, "he said" of these changes, the minister goes to work not knowing that he was fired or involuntary termination, Deputy Minister waiting for daily surprises do not know whether he will remain as an agent of the Ministry or prevented from entering to the ministry, so there is no clear and these standards will create a crisis of mistrust between the parties existing reform and those who are its victims. "The prime minister Haider al-Abadi revealed last Friday, its intention to launch other packages of government reforms.

A statement of his office, received a [where] , a copy of it, for Abadi, during a meeting with members of the Council of Salahuddin province, in the presence of the governor, to say, it was "an ongoing reforms and there are packages reformist other and that these reforms are not against one," stressing "the need not to bring the citizen political conflicts because the citizen of his priorities to provide security and services necessary for living and needs, "explaining that" the misuse of powers is not our approach and that the charge must be for all Iraqis.
"The prime minister Haider al-Abadi launched last August, a package of reforms positions of major Congress of the Republic and the ministers threw under which the merged ministries and other ministries of the center the continuation of demonstrations to demand reforms Hakiqih.