Interior launches unified card project and prepared for an easing of the citizen and enhance security

The Interior Ministry announced on Sunday, the launch of the project of a unified national card, and promised to ease the burden on the citizen and contribute to the strengthening of the national security, and with the time limit set for the project five years, confirmed that Asthsalha procedures would be "very easy".

Said Associate Director of the single card circle on the gesture in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The national card is an alternative to the identity of the Civil Status and a certificate of citizenship and in the future will also be included housing card including," noting that "the purpose of this card is to raise the weight on the shoulders of the citizen and mitigation routine of private citizens and install the database. " He added gesture, that "the card will include an integrated information about persons, including fingerprints eye of the person and the fingerprint will be given the possibility of verification of the personal information of the individual through electronic chip Once linked to your electronic device," we returned "the launch of the card nucleus for the establishment of an electronic government."

He pointed gesture, to "the allocation of five centers for the granting of the single card and the other will be created successively during the next term to accomplish all the single cards to citizens."
For his part, spokesman for the Interior Ministry Brigadier Saad Maan said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the single card project is a national project raises for the citizens a lot of suffering caused by the routine," noting that "the single card will serve the national security through accurate information It is provided for individuals. "

Maan added, that "the single card project will reduce the administrative corruption and provides a quantum leap, noting that" the Ministry of Interior addressed the local governments in the provinces to provide special registration centers at the national and receipt of the card. "

He Maan, that "the time limit for national card project is five years," pointing out that "all citizens will receive a national card during that period," asserting that "obtaining the card procedures will be very easy."
The general sexual Directorate, on Thursday announced that, in the (September 10 2015), to determine the real and actual work of the project a unified national card is a starting point, on Sunday, as pointed out that the work will be part of a special mechanism to register by e-mail set by the Directorate, confirmed that the card will contribute to ease the red tape in official transactions of the citizens.

It is said that the Iraqi government has launched, in, (for 25 of July 2015), the national card project, while the president has called for, Haider al-Abadi, the House of Representatives to law and security for the benefits of the legislation, the Conservatives called for the provision of buildings and facilities for the issuance because the simplification of procedures a means of dealing with corruption.
The value of the national card project, which signed a contract with the companies of the Iraqi government (G to D) and Atlas $ 120 million for a period of five years there will be a 350 version of this card circle the generality of the Iraqi provinces.

The general sexual Directorate, confirmed in (the 13th of October 2013), it will give all Iraqis the single card within five years, indicating that the first card will be given during the next two years after the German company the completion of the monument equipment, and that the new card will enrich the citizen from the use of Msthompskath During the review of the four state departments.
The Iraqi government has contracted, in (the eighth of October 2013), with a German company to issue a unified smart card, in a move she said was "abbreviated routine winning in state institutions and the removal manipulation of important documents and enhancing security and ensure the functioning of the electoral process by about sound."