A member of the parliamentary Economics expects improved financial policy for Iraq in 2016

a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament on Sunday, that the fiscal policy is expected to improve in Iraq in 2016. According to Najib Najib told all of Iraq [where] that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi has economic mentality as a result of his years in government and parliament, indicating that" policies that have drawn will lead to improvement in the financial situation of Iraq in the sixth month of the year 2016 ". She said "The current situation in which we are going through paid involved in the government to use local economic minds and foreign to promote the financial and economic Ballowaqaan, adding that the situation" will be reflected positively in the near future. "She Najib that" the committees formed to collect wages water and electricity will help increase fiscal revenue of the country, adding that "the financial situation of Iraq will improve in 2016". rely Iraqi state in the construction of the annual financial budget by about 90% on imports of the source of oil, and the resulting decline in crude prices since the middle of last year to a significant decline in Iraq's resources reaching 2015 budget about 100 billion with a deficit of $ expected up to 25%, prompting the government to launch treasury bonds worth $ 6 billion and borrowing from the International Monetary Fund about $ 1.2 billion, an attempt to reduce this deficit with the continued decline Alasar.