Global company expects high oil prices to $ 100 soon

[Follow-up - where] considered [Alan Matafawd], senior analyst and director of research at the French company "Total" global, that is not difficult to regain crude oil price of $ 100 a barrel soon in light of the expected growth of demand developments.
He said that this price is fair and appropriate for producers and consumers and companies alike, and that the price of $ 40 a barrel, a catastrophic rate threatens producers and investors, wishing market not up to this minimum disturbing limit at all. He stressed that crude oil will remain dominant element of the energy mix for decades to come and will not back down be relied upon, even in developed markets, particularly in the European Union because the reliance on renewable energy what the journey is still long in front of him. The "now" positive Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries "OPEC" policy, noting that it has a vision for the future correct and not see a limited and temporary and seeking actively for the benefit of the industry and the stability of markets. and downplayed the significance of the accelerated production of oil shale American and predicted his return to the sharp decline because of low prices and high production costs and the difficulty of competing with traditional oil cheaper in cost and enjoy competitive advantages Aalah.