Is the dollar share of citizens or companies and banking offices?

Basil Abbas Khudair Sunday, September 20 0.2015

This article title often hesitate to talk of citizens, because they are forced to buy dollars from the banking offices when they may have a need for the purpose of Hajj or Umrah or treatment outside Iraq or travel for tourism and family visits or convert sums of money to their children studying or living abroad or to buy some goods such as real estate, cars and appliances or for the purpose of saving and other cases, the citizen has the right to get on the dollar at official rates, which is sold in the currency auction in the Iraqi Central Bank, and from the point of view of current and former officials at the central bank, the Iraqi dinar covered foreign gold currency is a dollar, even if he looked dinars, but what gentlemen concerned is saying is not true in practice and the reason that there is a clear difference between selling the dollar at the central bank rate and selling price in the banking licensed offices by the central bank, and this difference goes in favor of allowing them to enter Auctions Bank and control exchange rates dinar against the dollar.

May be answered on this subject, that the Central Bank of Iraq had previously open outlets to sell the dollar for the citizens, but stopped doing so after discovering that these ports punctuated by corruption and that the dollar does not go to the citizen, but corrupt officials and deal with them, the words properly but is caused by the weakness of controls and lack of oversight on the sales of those ports, where the sale was made for each of the passport in force, which has created a momentum on the issuance of passports offices, it formed a group of parasites who are buying the passports of citizens and use them for the purpose of the discharge of dollar selling outlets are awarded kickbacks to corrupt officials, and on time They are prompted through the media the House of Representatives and committees concerned with the adoption of a visa by supporting for the purpose of sale, taking into account the non-recurrence of selling the dollar only after the confirmation of the presence of seals out of Iraq and accessible as the amount exhausted for the purpose of travel actually, was corruption makers responded at the time that this procedure is and arbitrarily restricts the freedoms which constitutes a violation of the Constitution.

Although we do not have statistics on the daily sales in the money-changers offices inside Iraq or the volume of remittances size, because these processes are not documented never Both buying and selling of the dollar are in markets and shops and is treated like any other commodity, and in these days of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate to decline The price of prices started Yesterday the dollar (Saturday, 09/19/2015) has reached 124 thousand dinars per $ 100, even though the central auction Iraqi covers all purchase orders, in the last session was sold $ 170 million of 27 bank and four companies convert at a price of 1166 dinars per dollar, and when In addition commission of the Central Bank becomes a price in 1187 of remittances and 1190 cash for sale, which means in practice that the profit for each dollar is (5) Iraqi dinars and profit sales of $ 170 million is 850 million dinars a day is equivalent to more than double the commission of the Central Bank of Iraq, and can controllers prices exchange to redouble their profits because they are not subject to any effective control of the official authorities.

It is the strangest thing have dealt with involved the buying and selling currencies in the local market that prices are affected by seasons, when you ask for reasons for the high prices these days say that the pilgrims are the reason that the holiday season is coming, and at the occasion of Eid al-Adha end will say that the reason is the return of the pilgrims and then they will say that the reason is Muharram and Safar, and so deceive the lies nor the central bank lifted a finger since 2004, and so today, because the rise in the dollar exchange rate scenarios are repeated regularly and eat from the pockets of the poor and the swell of which Tripe corrupt and multiply their money and their wealth because of the weakness of the state apparatus and the stupidity or corruption of some employees, and in more than time has been called by experts in finance and economics to the distribution ratio of salaries in dollars to reduce the role of money-changers offices in price controls, as has been called for the disbursement of monthly payments in dollars to each family within the ration card, and each time either to find a deafening silence or funny answers, including the dollar salary with the cause of corruption and that the ration can not be totally reliable because they infiltrated, while being reliable in the elections and in the preparation of budgets.

And that the survival of operations to determine the exchange rates depending on the worn mechanisms will sign the country's major problems for many reasons, most notably that more than 90% of goods are provided through import and any change in exchange rates increases the prices of goods in the market, due to the drop in oil revenues in the budget, the revenue The dollar fell resulting in lower reserves of 77 billion to $ 60 billion, and the state have to cross the red line and the reduction of salaries of employees in the next budget arise the first two problems low salaries and the second rising commodity prices, the result is hunger, death and rising crime, immigration and other manifestations spam , and we would like to refer this matter to the Central Bank of Iraq sales in Mzhadath which insists it has reached $ 31 billion 04/01/2015 Since up to 09.17.2015, and this amount asymptotic of oil revenues, despite that there are three commitments at least a wage licensing companies which have not yet and the expenses of military armament and import and government obligations paid by the TBI pay.

During the past years, the Central Bank of Iraq to sell nearly $ 400 billion under the stability of exchange rates logo, and in fact the exchange rates continuously did not settle down did not allow for any Iraqi citizen (Class usual) to obtain dollars at 1166 or 1190 dinars, even if dispatch official or personal travel, and witnessed actually markets is the pressure from (Aldhagtin) Vidhaafon central bank sales value, in the sense that the citizen was the second beneficiary or the third and probably the tenth of the volume of sales, and it was possible banking geniuses to find outlets through which citizens get their needs of the dollar, and this suggests a deliberate in this regard, and we ask the subject to put into practice because the next days and years will be harder than ever before, financially and economically, because the issue of diversification of sources of income security may be realized after years or decades when the national will is there to work out, and that what is being relied upon in the return of higher oil prices enter into fields of dreams and mine, because there is a correlation between politics and oil as a shift to elaborate twins industry as a whole.