Urgent urgent urgent the biggest scandal in the history of Basra.
Date: Sunday, 20-09-15 02:41 pm

Abu Ahmed Rashid buys receivables Basra Governorate Council and the members of his bloc to give them land in Basra and low prices and without public bidding, according to the approval of the Minister.
There is land belonging to the municipality are identified and distributed to members of the provincial Council to buy their voices so distinctive piece number takes up (& # 1636 & # 1632 & # 1632 to & # 1637 & # 1632 & # 1632 million and the exception of Municipal Affairs Minister Abdel Karim Al-Ansari to block Al-Rashed.
And the beneficiary agree b (& # 1634 & # 1632 & # 1632) million to real estate agents and real estate office completes the transaction and pays the agreed price and win the rest, each Minister gets approval in less recognitions (& # 1634 & # 1632 & # 1632) million.
There are Street featured parts in al Mishraq taken Rashed and distributed it to his wife and sisters and some of the members here are details.
Piece name Ibn Rashid
Piece name rain bent follower Clement, who was killed by the full moon avoidance in the era of the former regime. Also there are two pieces to the sisters rain girl adult.
Cousin Rashid.
IV. Brother Carlos, and his cousin and brother Secretary.
VA. ..
Piece for Abu Ammar Al-mayahi devout Badr!!! .
Piece of rhyming Baathist now in Tiger.
In plots where land msq Haji Salam Al-derawi, loot Basra land?!