Block change calls for Abadi to resign from his party and renounce British citizenship
Date: Sunday, 20-09-2015 04:32 pm

The President of the parliamentary change block Prime Minister Hoshyar Abdullah Haidar Al-Abbadi to resign from his party and renounce British citizenship to ensure the success of his career, and there is a difference in policy from the policies of the previous Government.
Abdullah said in a statement to radio it was necessary the Marbad Abadi to be within State enterprises reforms, and fights the idea of asking himself as Commander of the need or the Savior of Iraq, we must adhere to the concept of the State as a State and not as a people, the Council of Ministers decides not Abbadi.
He said that in the past there have been attempts and orientations to ignore and marginalize the role of the legislature and fought well, unlike what was happening on the day are charged Abbadi respects Parliament and strengthens its relationship with it, and to return to Parliament in a lot of things, and all these things that are contrary to the policies of the former Government if they guarantee Abadi committed the success of his career.