Parliamentary Finance: budget in 2016 "speculative" .. and the world oil market is not subject to Iraq

Special - scales News - He said the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan Sarhan, Sunday, that the 2016 budget will not be equivalent to the real fiscal deficit in Iraq can not be entirely reliable because it is "speculative," noting that he can not undergo the oil market to the Iraqi government.

He said Sirhan's / scales News / "The oil price is subject to supply and demand can not be for the Iraqi government controlled and not subject them to it international prices and commodities managed markets and the amount of supply are of affect positively or negatively," stressing that "the adoption of the $ 45 per barrel in the budget 2016".

He said the parliamentary finance committee member, said "the budget bill before the Council of Ministers and is authorized if he would like to increase the price per barrel in the budget or reduced and then be sent the project to the House of Representatives to be studied and make some adjustments," pointing out that "the budget will not be parallel the financial crisis in Iraq because it is "speculative" in terms of revenue and expenses, disability and therefore can not rely entirely on the budget and what they contain is an outline only."

He said Sarhan said, "The government should work on the privatization of the public sector and convert part of it to the private sector," noting that "the Iraqi government dismissed salaried staff during the balance of this year amounted to $ 11 billion in salaries nominal staff and 29 billion allocation for dangerous and mobility that are add them on the payroll."

The "office spokesman Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi said, earlier, that the 2016 budget takes a long time for her studies," while "a member of the parliamentary finance committee and the Kurdistan Alliance MP Massoud Rostam revealed the need for the province to the financial budget of the center as The issue of oil is enough to meet the requirements of the region."

With "stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Sarhan Ahmed Sarhan, earlier, on the need to open an investigation and to hold accountable those who stole public Iraqi money," stressing that "the financial crisis will last three years with the continuing decline in oil prices," .anthy 29/4 e