Governor of the Central Bank: Financing loans will remain constant and the Iraqi Reserve believer

Brother - Baghdad - The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords: "The launch of loan financing program will remain constant regardless of the financial situation of the Ministry of Finance and the institutions of the Iraqi state."

Keywords and said: "The launch of loan financing program will not be affected down world oil prices and the economic crisis, which is an initiative of the Central Bank shall follow up and implement exclusively."

The new Governor of the Central Bank confirmed: "The Iraqi cash reserves locked in a controlled setting and constantly changing, away from the negative effects of the fall in world oil prices."

Keywords welcomed, adopt the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law, noting that he will provide a legal and regulatory frameworks for the work of the banking sector in Iraq in accordance with international standards and requirements.

The Iraqi Central Bank recently launched funding for lending programs in Iraq worth six trillion dinars process, pertaining to the financing of industrial and agricultural sectors, housing, and support small and medium enterprises.