To ensure the success of the reform process .. change Abadi calls to resign

The head of the mass change, Hoshyar Prime Minister Abdullah Haider al-Abadi to resign from his party to ensure the success of his reform, and to ensure that there is a complete difference in policy from the previous government's policies.

Abdullah said in a press statement today: "As far as we support and we support the reforms initiated by al-Abadi, which has received the blessing of the masses and reference, we hope that keen Abadi on the success of his mission by adhering to a set of points that will be will find a significant difference in policy from the previous government's policies ".

And between Abdullah that "in the past was the person who assume office as prime minister strengthens his position and his presence within his own party, and we propose to Abadi that works the opposite of what he holds and to resign from his party and that ICON has no party affiliation at all, to be belonging to his people, Iraqi people today rely on Abadi What he needs to party affiliation. "

"We know very well that any person who assumes the position is not forced to leave the party, but the Iraqis now have the name of the ruling party knots, and the post-Abadi sensitive and time sensitive as well, and the presence of the Dawa Party today in the government and the executive branch in general is very strong and very dominant, with respect the history of this party and Mgarath of the dictatorial regime. "

He stressed Abdullah on the need to Abadi's commitment to the Constitution, and to demonstrate its commitment to its must give up British nationality, must also reforms be within state institutions, and fight against the idea put himself as the leader of necessity or the savior of Iraq, it must adhere to the concept of the state as a state and not as a person, Council is Minister is the one who decides and not Abadi. "

He explained that "in the past there have been attempts and tendencies to ignore the role of the legislature and the marginalized and fight also, unlike what was the case must Abadi today that respects the Parliament and strengthen its relationship with him, and that is due to the opinion of the Parliament in a lot of things, and all these things that are contrary to the previous government's policies if committed by al-Abadi Vsadmn the success of his reform.