Allawi's coalition: conducting dialogues with the "disgruntled" Shiite parties of the uniqueness Abadi

09/19/2015 22:48

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Detection national coalition, led by Vice President of the Republic article Iyad Allawi, conducted dialogues with all parties within the Shiite alliance, described as "not satisfied" with the performance of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

Allawi's coalition and speaks with conviction reached by the Shiite parties, the inability of the current prime minister to carry out reforms, despite domestic and international unlimited support.

But a spokesman for the National Alliance denied the existence of the movement, inside or outside, to replace al-Abadi. But he admitted the existence of "criticism" affected the recent reform steps, but it's Atertqa to demand the overthrow of Balebadi.
And met with Allawi's demand to change Abadi sharp criticism from the Dawa Party, which belongs to him the current Prime Minister, describing them as "media balloon," stressing that the leader of the National Accord went bankrupt and no longer has a political influence.

He called Allawi, on Friday, (the largest bloc) isolating the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and commissioned "a mighty" instead of it, of who is paying attention to the political consensus and the Constitution and laws, until the amendment of some of its paragraphs to save the country than they are in it.

Shiite resentment

He says Kadhim al-Shammari, MP for the National Coalition for the (long), that the mass of dialogues taking place for some time with "the most amusing National Alliance," and that those parties "have generated convinced that the current Prime Minister is unable to carry out reform."

He said al-Shammari said, "There are conversations revolve within the National Alliance for Non-Abadi's ability to political and economic reform in spite of the presence of local and broad international support him," he said, adding that the latter "uniqueness in some of its decisions and bypass the law and the Constitution."

The MP from Allawi's bloc that "the head of government, he can not exempt the Vice President of the Republic", adding that "Law No. 1 for the year 2011 Helms systems in the Constitution, which stipulates that the Vice-President or more."

Says MP from the national coalition that "Parliament is silent on this measure and other excesses Abadi interest of the political process and the lack of major crises in the country." But MP corrects by saying that "the Prime Minister has now begun to go beyond criticism and sent a law to abolish the Law No. (1) It is a fundamentalist."

Allawi's coalition does not hide his strong opposition to any reforms of the Constitution opposes, according to al-Shammari, who admits that "any attempt to change Abadi would run into many obstructed." It shows "It took us six months to choose Abadi in the current government, and replace it will not be easy, especially since major differences exist within the National Alliance."
The Iyad Allawi said, in a press statement, the prime minister has not the resignation of the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, but he applied abolished. He attacked Allawi, the prime minister, stressing that the latter does not have the power to intervene in the provincial councils and merge ministries.

Political criticism

To that denied MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, a spokesman for the National Alliance, the existence of any move to replace the current Prime Minister.

He Bhralalom, told the (range), "There is no justification or appropriate requires a change Abadi, but on the contrary he needs the support of all parties."

And indicates the leadership of the National Alliance that "if the political blocs objected to the legality or illegality of the legal proceedings Abadi, but it voted unanimously to his reforms in parliament and is now no room to shirk its responsibility."
But Bhralalom to hide some of the reforms needed to "legislation laws" such as the sacking of the Vice-Presidents.

Allawi without effect!

In the meantime criticized the messenger Abu Hasna, deputy of the Dawa party, statements Accord of Iyad Allawi, leader of the movement. Said Abu Hasna, in connection with the (range), that "Allawi known objection to a lot of decisions, the most important dismissal of the Vice-President of the Republic."

He described Abu Hasna Allawi's remarks as "a media balloon," adding that the recent "disappeared from the political arena and no longer has an effect but can not isolate al-Abadi."

According to the MP from the Dawa Party, the latter "it believes that the time is not right to change the prime minister because the country is exposed to a popular revolution and emotions may be uncontrolled and deviated from the service demands."

Abu goes well to say that "some Sunni forces bet on the fall of the government of backing the demonstrations in the center and south to bring down the experience of religious parties that have succeeded through military wings in the liberation of a number of cities in the north and east of the country."
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