Allawi's bloc renewed doubts reforms & emphasizes: We'll not support the Abadi-to-end
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Thread: Allawi's bloc renewed doubts reforms & emphasizes: We'll not support the Abadi-to-end

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    Allawi's bloc renewed doubts reforms & emphasizes: We'll not support the Abadi-to-end

    Allawi's bloc renewed doubts reforms and emphasizes: We will not support the Abadi-to-end

    BAGHDAD - promised Shammari: - New national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Saturday, doubts the government reforms, and counted just prosthesis media solutions, noting that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi would not support to the end "in the event of failure in the implementation of his promises."

    These attitudes bothered by a coalition of state law, and promised efforts to demolish the political process, as acknowledged the existence of differences within the National Alliance on reforms, criticized the attitude of the Union of Iraqi forces "divided" about it.

    MP says Hamid al-Mutlaq, a member of the national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, in a statement to the "New Morning", "The National Bloc looking for a real and serious reforms, not only those that arise only through the media."

    Al-Mutlaq said that "the leader of the coalition called the National Alliance explicitly submission of a new candidate for prime minister has the power in the fight against corruption and terrorism and the provision of services."

    It was to be "the street was still suffers from serious problems, and the government has failed over the past period to meet the requirements."

    As advised al-Mutlaq, the whole of the political blocs to "support any efforts towards reform", he warned of a "national coalition will not support Haider al-Abadi to the end as long as the government fails to implement the program and promises to citizens."

    He concluded by saying that "we have not found yet real reforms, starting from the hit strongholds of financial and administrative corruption; because what measures have been taken prosthesis has not yet lived up to the level of ambition".

    In the context of responding to a call Iyad Allawi to change the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, his spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told all of Iraq, "The Constitution is the governing political process and the detailed mechanisms on the election of the government and selected or withdraw trust them," noting that "the Constitution is governed by all this details ".

    He added, "The main focus of the reforms is an administrative and what needs to enact a law is done including the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic has sent the Council of Ministers this project to the parliament and wait for him to cooperate so and be approved until there is full legal cover to the process of reforms."

    Sabri noted, that "the possibility of talking about the lack of implementation of these reforms is the word is not accurate for example, the focus of administrative reform in which nine dish including five full points and the remaining four are the points in the application can refer to it.

    Here we talk about Cancel and reduce the number of advisers and Vice-President of the Republic and protections and salaries for senior officials and their pensions and authorize the prime minister to sack general managers and relieving them and appoint a replacement for them and how these are applied is said to be non-viable."

    For his part, MP for the coalition of state law Haider Mawla believes that "Iyad Allawi's bloc disruptive to the efforts of the government positions are not new, but continued to approach him for years," according to the recipe.

    Mawla said in an interview with "New Morning", that "did not call fordemonstrations to bring down the government, while calls for a coalition of national efforts to come is like the destruction of the political process."

    Despite his talk about "taking the government a number of reforms," ​​but acknowledges that "measures slow to implement this file," and attributed this to "some paragraphs voted on by parliament authorized Abadi related to constitutional and legal amendments or they require new legislation."

    Mawla stressed that "the current stage requires the enactment of laws, rather than those that pulled Alorza Council", calling for "a government effort to send projects, and another for a parliamentary debate and vote on them as soon as possible."

    And recognizes the MP for the rule of law to "get some of the differences within the National Alliance on the positions of al-Abadi," but he does not find it "justified to line up a coalition with Iyad Allawi components," noting that "it did not come out for differing views circle."

    In return, the Lord constitute the "Sunni blocs orientation of reforms," ​​and described as "non-uniform", and completed by saying that "the decisions of reformist Abadi did not live up to the section of the components of the Union forces and took a stand opposing them."

    The wave of protests swept through a number of provinces of the country since last month, the government was forced to take a number of decisions the most important reformist Cancel key positions of the Republic and the Vice-Minister, as well as reducing the protections of officials, and the reduction of members of the House of Representatives and the salaries of the staff of the higher grades

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    Re: Allawi's bloc renewed doubts reforms & emphasizes: We'll not support the Abadi-to

    Someone hand him some tissue....

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