Parliamentary Finance: Securities can not cover the budget deficit
Date: 09/19/2015 16:59

The parliamentary finance committee confirmed Saturday that the securities promoted by the Central Bank of Iraq can not cover the deficit in the public budget, while the reasons attributed to the absence of a clear vision for economic policy.
The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad told / information / that "there are financial resources able to cover the deficit, along with securities launched by the central bank," pointing out that "these resources represented by money owned by Iraq in international banks as well as restrictions on aircraft finance tax Iraqi passers atmosphere in addition to the customs tariff imposed on trucks loaded with food coming through the border crossing points. "
He added that "securities, which it promoted the central bank can not the shortfall in the state budget to cover because of the lack of a clear vision in shaping economic policy related to the launch of loans in order to cope with the financial crisis experienced by the country."
The parliamentary Finance Committee announced earlier that the fiscal deficit in the current year budget reached 25 trillion Danarvema noted that this deficit is the largest in the history of the budgets of the Iraqi state. Finished / 25's