Include payment on credit in the budget of 2016 and the reason: to Aciolh cash and war with Daash

Special - scales News - It revealed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Saturday, that the payment on credit process will be one of the texts within 2016 budget, likely to be built price of a barrel of oil in the budget to $ 45, helping to lift the economy of Iraq.

Najib said L / scales News / "The House of Representatives did not receive the draft 2016 budget law which is still under preparation by the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet," asserting that "the current reality that there is no cash and the war with Daash terrorist and the lack of revenue ordered the state to the need to build budget that will reduce the burden on the budget and provide services to citizens through private sector and investment, as well as payment of loans to citizens and payment on credit and this will have a presence in the texts of the budget."

She said the economic and investment commission member that "the 2016 budget are adjustable and change by the stakeholders in the government, since they have not ratified it so far by the parliament," asserting that "binding the state to consider the citizens' affairs through the provision of services and the reliance on the private sector."

Najib pointed out that "Iraq's economy is the low paid lower oil prices," likely to "adopt the budget in 2016 to $ 45 per barrel oil price, leading to the lifting of Iraq's economy."

The "Iraqi draft budget for 2016 on the website of the Ministry of Finance on the Internet showed, earlier, that the ministry proposes to balance the size of 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars (99.65 billion dollars), with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars (25.81 billion dollars)."

Fadel said the Prophet and the Undersecretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Finance's / Reuters / and I followed / scales News / "The budget estimated price of oil at $ 45 a barrel and assume a continuation of the agreement concluded in 2014 with the Kurdistan region of Iraq on oil revenues."

The government expected "a deficit of about $ 25 billion for 2015 in the budget of approximately $ 100 billion in size." It ended 29 quarters e