Iraqi bank used my card "Ironing Card and MasterCard," regardless of employees and retirees' salaries

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday to use my card for ironing Card and MasterCard in employees and retirees pay the salaries.

The general director of the bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani in a press release, that the bank Enter the advanced technologies in its work in line with the modern banking reality in countries around the world and achieved quality regarding the use of the smart card boom (ironing Card) for retirees and groups covered by them after it was in the past by Receiving manually activated at various state institutions, stressing that anyone has a smart card exchange amount of any province is where.

He explained that the bank began paying pensions abroad through (MasterCard) The Bank signed a partnership with MasterCard company to provide this service, noting that retirees who are abroad now can receive and withdraw their salaries from any ATM in any country is in it.