Jaafari stream Abadi calls to the announcement of the specialized conference to discuss political reform axes

Called spokesman of the National Reform Movement, Ahmed Juma, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to the announcement of the specialist political conference to discuss the themes that need to reform steps, such as oil, electric power and services, agriculture and education. Juma said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], "This conference should be done with the participation of the political forces, without exception, and be its decisions are binding on all after ratification, as well as the presence of specialists technocrats to handle glitches in each axis," on condition that "the Specialists representatives of the political blocs, so there are no objections later on the outcome of the conference, especially as it will shape the strategy implemented in the form of a reformist payments in every area.

"He suggested that" to which all political entity three specialists represent in each axis, provided that they are of doctorate degree holders and jurisdiction flour and technocrats, and open simultaneous workshops for one month for each axis, and the presence of technocrats specialized parliamentary committees related to the participation of representatives of legal departments and ministries concerned.
"He added," summarizing the decisions of each axis in a final forum in the presence of the prime minister and the heads of political blocs and specialists study the owners The organization committee of the conference and raise summaries and study extended to all axes to the Council of Ministers, which in turn brought to the House of Representatives to vote ".