Defense: We started sending financial dues to the Peshmerga forces By Hearing, Zubair Two hours ago

Peshmerga on the battlefield
Roudao Arbil, said a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Friday, the Defense Department began sending financial dues to the Peshmerga forces. The Iraqi Council of Representatives member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Najiba Najib network Roudao media that "from April 20, 2015, and we send a formal letter about the financial dues to the Peshmerga forces exchange to the Ministry of Defense and called the Ministry of Defense of the Federal Government to approve the disbursement of that amount by 2015. The budget law "and about the answer of the Ministry of Defence for his book, Najib said the network Roudao" that in 6 of this month replied Iraqi Defense Ministry official letter numbered 9/1/36282) written noting in the book that they have started regardless of financial receivables of Peshmerga for the year 2015 ". According to paragraph 11 / Article V of the budget of the 2015 Act, it has been allocated 17% of the budget that the Ministry of Defence of the Peshmerga forces, which amounts to 12 trillion Iraqi dinars, such as salaries and training of military supplies.