Sadr prevents hang a picture in state institutions

[Baghdad-where] prevent the current leader Muqtada al-Sadr on Thursday, hang a picture of his followers in the state institutions, adding that "it does so exploit its objectives in the mundane." It was al-Sadr's Remarks gave him about the insistence of some to raise Photos Al-Sadr in government institutions, he said, "that the issue of hanging pictures inside government departments such as the ministries, hospitals, schools and others, it is strictly prohibited," noting that "it does so is a exploited to its objectives mundane and the Committee fight Doaash corruption call from doing so and interrogated. "He added that putting pictures of al-Sadr" in public places like streets, malls and roads needs to control severe and follow-up by the Najaf office to maintain the prestige of the images in all respects and not to be found in Dharrah areas and others. "He continued Sadr, that "the order of the image through modern computing programs and this does not Nrtadhah only to the extent necessary, some image there is a real Al-Sadr us or Mntbah ideas childish and reckless all of which must be prevented" .