Infallible stresses to speed up the enactment of laws, especially the Federal Court


[Baghdad-where] the President Fuad Masum, stressed on Thursday the need to speed up the enactment of laws, in particular the Federal Court Act.
A statement by the Presidency of the Republic received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "President of the Republic received in the Peace Palace in Baghdad a number of columnists and political analysts, economists and security, and in the beginning of the meeting touched on sovereignty to the developments, political and security developments in the country, and the process of reconciliation."
And stressed "the need for all parties to work to ensure the success of this national project, and the development of radical solutions to all the problems of which, aggravating" the importance that the political blocs are working to resolve all laws files, and the need to speed up the enactment of laws, especially the Federal Court Act. "The President of the Republic on "the need to promote the national economy and the diversification of the state's resources through the revitalization of industry and agriculture and to find solutions to overcome the current economic crisis, and not rely on oil resources only."
He noted President infallible to "the threat from al Daash which requires all the energies to defeat this organization The terrorist, explaining the importance of investing international crowd supporting Iraq in its fight against terrorism.
"In a related development, the president said Iraq's desire to improve and revitalize the external relations and cooperation with neighboring countries, in particular the countries of the region and the world in general, and return to normal, referring to Iraq's relations with its Arab environment.
According to the statement he praised the audience through their interventions to a number of political issues, demanding infallible intervene to resolve the outstanding problems, appraisers positions of President infallible in the convergence of views, and its role in the reunification of all parties as to the admissibility of character received Alba.