Khatib Baghdad calls for Iraqis not to migration and leave the country for corrupt

BAGHDAD / ... student orator and to Fri Baghdad, Mr. Messenger Yasiri in his Friday sermon, the Iraqis not to despair, frustration and migration and to leave Iraq to thieves and corrupt and losers, Fimageshm to follow the religious authority directives governance in Najaf and stationed, perseverance and change the corrupt politicians in the next election. Yassiri said in a Friday sermon Throw in the al-Rahman mosque in Baghdad, attended by "Eye Iraq News", that "immigration has received a private in the Qur'an and novels of the importance and meaning of migration is the movement and the movement from one point to another to escape human overweight and saves beliefs and be able to carry out its functions and costs of the divine Islamic freely and contentment and rituals do not migrate in order to earn money and place and wealth and fame. " The migration is for the following Kanqaz freedom and honor of an individual on the path of faith and get new possibilities and conditions of assistance outside the social and political unjust surroundings of the struggle against this ocean as well as the spread and promotion of thought, conscience in parts of other communities to perform a humanitarian message global adhered to by every Muslim and bears responsibility in front human awareness, edit, and Delighting ".
And between Yasiri that "some political parties in Iraq commented on the case left the home-grabbing way to look and exciting to wonder Some of them said that what is happening is a conspiracy by regional and international bodies like we were informed about something that we did not teach him and played the role of political analyst and forgot that it was his duty political action through the development of treatments for any phenomenon incorrect emitters and accounting for E and showed himself shepherd who is keen not like the appearance of those who carried out these schemes through community fees and through the killing of the national spirit of the people of the country to find the problems and constraints and the absence of consciousness. "

He went Yasiri "political party last came out says that people excused and that the choice to leave the country is the right solution, this solution is better than staying in a country dominated by underdevelopment and conflict to be able to develop and up to the state of urbanization and culture we respond to it show, saying to him, his great mind You are part of the political process and this speech to condemn you. "

He asked Yasiri "What do you make of the elites living outside the country have invited you reference after the demise of the tyrant to provide a suitable environment such as improving the security situation is worrying for that slide, or provide space in government work because they enjoyed from the experience in order to contribute to the progress of the country and contribute to making the country cope with the world."

He noted, "If leaving the country gives those awareness of urbanization and progress, why those in power did not have on these things, we learned that many of them were outside the country, and who said that the solution is to leave the country for thieves and corrupt and losers, but the solution will be stationed and perseverance to change them through elections choose who wants this service to the people and has a civil and not to silence it for any failure gets from any party whatsoever. "

Yasiri and demanded that "in terms of responsibility call on the competent authorities to study the phenomenon of leaving the country and urgently address its causes and punish the perpetrators and fans as we draw upon our thanks for all those who try to spread the spirit of hope in the hearts of Iraqis, particularly the religious authority."