Iraqi official: the arrival of 90 US soldiers in Mosul

A military official in Nineveh province, revealed on Friday for the arrival of 90 US soldiers have to spend a drunken southwest of Mosul, to participate in the supervision of the liberation of Mosul operations. Brigadier-General Thanon Sabawi said that "about 90 US soldiers have arrived to spend drunken southwest of Mosul, where will work as consultants as well as participation in the liberation of Mosul operations and training of the Peshmerga forces and the crowd popular Sunni sons of the Arab tribes fighting alongside the Peshmerga against Daash in that region." He said the "Nineveh operations command headquarters may also be opened early next month in the district of drunken to oversee the liberalization of Nineveh operations and maintenance and construction now taking place in the junior high building in drunken which will be home to lead the operations." On the other hand, a source in Nineveh police announced that forensic medicine department received 21 bodies of the elements of Daash, were killed in the bombing of the international coalition to eliminate areas and the town of Tall Afar and Tzlagaf hand Ba'shiqah and Fadiliyah and gentlemen Baoizh village north of Mosul.