Disclosure of the assassination of the Minister of Commerce of "corrupt dealers" and "political mercenaries" attempt

Baghdad scales News
It revealed the Ministry of Commerce for the assassination of its minister Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim attempt. According to a statement received / scales News / copy of "The ministry has carried out several security measures to change the security guards and the diversification of the whereabouts of the minister over the past period confirmed that there is more than a process of targeted directly."
The statement pointed out that "the big reforms that took place in the Ministry of Trade and paper reform that included 24 at the center represent fundamental changes in the performance of the ministry as well as the face of the hotbeds of corruption and to address and prevent the supply of ration card lousy vocabulary and prevent traders corrupt practice of their business, which aims to sabotage the national economy made multiple different views seeks to target the ministry and the minister personally. " The statement said that "the terrorist group that targeted the media in the ministry [Nazim Naeem] was mainly targeted the Minister of Commerce because the minister was not present Vaktefoa develop packaging adhesive media in order to bring dramatize the media and hit morally minister as well as the agencies responsible for the security of the minister was then prior information to There is a great scheme to target recipes media and government to destabilize internal security. "
"The recent terrorist operation that targeted the minister's office was aimed to stop the work of the ministry and the creation of new problems and give a blurry image of public opinion in order to put pressure on the ministry to change the policies included the size of the big reforms".
The Commerce Department said that "Iraq and the Iraqi state as a whole is under fierce attack from terrorism, criminal and light-hearted Aemez between small, woman and man and between the components of society, all of which have been subject to this criminal terrorism."
The statement said that "the Ministry of Commerce of important ministries whose work needs of people and food security, response and make it fail was the target since the first day of the new government and the different methods of terrorism in this area it is an attempt to foil the ministry decades to terrorist attacks for the assassination of staff of drivers articulated and departments in order to stop work The ministry of trying to create terror among their employees. "
The Ministry of Commerce as a "Stressing continue to work and provide the needs of the people in the light of the government's budget and financial plan will not stop it so crazy to terrorism scum of society and politics mercenaries," he described.
Trade also confirmed that "all the cards will fall and remain the Ministry of Commerce appointed to this people as he continues to addressing the heroic and brave the dark forces that accounted for and continue its work base for the sake of people, terrorism and theft of national achievement in the political process and democracy which are the product of the fruit of this people Mujahid" .