BGG: 1st report
BGG: Parliamentary Integrity: reforms are still weak and will soon overthrow the heads of major corruption

BGG: [Baghdad-where] the chief of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie, said that reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi against corruption is still weak, noting that "the days will see the direction the ouster of big heads."He said Zobaie told all of Iraq [where] that "the difficult task Abadi, especially given that the heavy legacy in the fight against corruption and mafia corruption in many government departments," noting that "reforms Abadi towards corruption and weak preliminary and did not check Touh Iraqis." He added that "there are ongoing interaction with the Integrity Commission to form a field committees to follow up on corruption cases, and that the phenomenon of the formation of the supervisory committees precedent are new terms began to take nature of supervisory pure. "He said Zobaie that" the judiciary began to bring a lot of ministers, agents and general managers, and that the coming days will witness uncover the truth of the corrupt in the country

BGG: "...to bring a lot of ministers, agents and general managers, and that the coming days will witness uncover the truth of the corrupt in the country.."

BGG: Here's the bottom line... don't be worried about this title...
BGG: they are just getting going with reforms (weak - beginning)... and once they get going - they are going to really uncover some major players.
BGG: that is about how I've had this pegged...

BGG: Deputy for the National: disclosure of the names of a lot of mischief in the next phase

BGG: [Baghdad-where] - Deputy for the National Alliance said it will be revealed the names of a lot of mischief in the next phase. And between Abdul Hadi goodness of God told all of Iraq [where] "should be on the judiciary and the Integrity Commission that determined to take their active role, especially since there is an intention to repair what has been sabotage it in the government of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki." He added, "We are involved in order to support the judiciary and the integrity and stripped of political calculations ", adding that" the next phase will witness the disclosure of a lot of the names of the corrupt, according to the statement by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. "The chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie, said to [where] that reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi against corruption It is still weak, noting that "the days will see the direction the ouster of big heads" .anthy

BGG: Same issue - more to come...

BGG: Allawi calls for a change of prime minister

BGG: She called the National Coalition leader, Iyad Allawi, on Friday, to change the prime minister Haider al-Abadi and commissioned "a mighty" instead, stressing the need to reconsider the executive branch and the involvement of some of the forces of "popular movement" and some of the forces that are still outside the political where the process. Allawi said in a statement received by the agency news of the day a copy of it, that "the situation in Iraq descended to dangerous levels will lead to a great cause danger to our people decent and our country, and that this collapse of security represented by explosions and kidnappings extended Organization and assassinations will be continued to inform damage our people Aziz" ...

BGG: Corruption, corruption, corruption...

BGG: This is the watch word for today... and going forward. Iraq is rooting out corruption and fraud at every turn. This will not be an overnight success - but it may not be required to be a fully complete process prior to some kind of currency reform / value shift...

BGG: The world powers spoke - Iraq responded. This is good for Dinar investors. We should remember that's what this is - an investment. The big problem is timing... it's not coming fast enough for most people. I'm with you there. However, none of us control the timing. It's not a "guaranteed winning lottery ticket" - it's an investment.

BGG: here's another article posted by rcookie that further corroborates my thoughts on the WB / IMF as I have been harping on...

BGG: Long-Presse / Baghdad World Bank pushed the pressures on the Iraqi government and brandishing put Iraq on the black list of the Iraqi parliament on Wednesday to pass legislation past the law of "money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism," just days before the deadline.
The Council of Ministers approved in, June 30, 2015, on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law.

BGG: And it accused the CBI of being soft on smuggling billions of dollars through shady business deals to buy hard currency from the daily auction managed by the Bank.

BGG: The financial crisis led to the imposition of restrictions on the purchase of the dollar from the central auction requests, but observers believe that the recent mechanisms do not prevent bleeding currency and money laundering.

BGG: A report prepared by the Parliamentary Finance Committee, published by the (long) early last August, revealed that one Iraqi banks to transfer amounts exceed the budget of some neighboring countries, pointing out that dozens of front companies operating as fronts for the commercial banks involved smuggling currency since 2012.

BGG: The central bank took out, early last June 14 banks waged from the auction currency for failing to pay the amount of remittances taxes and customs, but returned on June 20 and canceled a decision that sparked widespread controversy and caused a striking rise in the US dollar exchange rate against the local currency.

BGG: The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, said, in a statement to (range), in July, that 5% of the gross domestic product of Iraq seeps through money laundering.

BGG: In this context, the Attorney-Jabbar al-Abadi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, says that "the vote on the money laundering law and the fight against terrorism by the House of Representatives will prevent the smuggling of money."
He said al-Abadi (range), "This law will establish a new office to determine money laundering and watching the money in and out of Iraq movement."

BGG: He pointed out that the MP, "the World Bank and international financial institutions of the Iraqi government demanded enactment of Money Laundering Act before October next threatened the impact of Iraq on the blacklist."

BGG: Najiba Najib, a member of the Economic Committee, said that "legislation Money Laundering Act is long overdue after smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq,"...

BGG: Lots more to it - but you get the idea...
BGG: what I've been saying about the WB / IMF - was spot on!!
BGG: they were serious about "bombing Iraq back to the stone ages" economically!!
BGG: and more importantly - Iraq knew they were serious!!

BGG: back to my commentary - Allawi has "called for" the removal of Abadi... why??
BGG: two guesses...

BGG: First, Allawi is a whiner with very little political sway... and he's likely going to get tangled up in this corruption sting.

BGG: Allawi's name is much bigger than his actual "political footprint" these days. He never really had a true "plurality" and since his "glory days" his base has been split several times... his "parliamentary bloc" is a fraction the size it once was.

BGG: take this rhetoric with a grain of salt... he's "all hat - no cattle" (as they say in Texas).
BGG: There will be plenty of fireworks before this is over - but keep in mind, it's typically comes from those about to land in the snare or those losing more power.

BGG: Here's an interesting headline...
BGG: Washington refuses to hold early elections in Iraq
BGG: Here's what it means...
BGG: (and I mentioned this earlier)

BGG: Maliki was meeting with the U.S. trying to see if they would support early elections. He JUST CAN'T WAIT to pull some kind of "over throw"... and now is his best hope. Before he's strung up as a traitor... soon he'll have no chance.

BGG: I plainly said - it was curious the U.S. (Embassy personnel) met with Maliki - but if you read through their "parsed language" it was clear. They support Abadi and the current GOI.

BGG: I was questioning what that was all about - but this article makes it clear... Maliki was after support for new elections (and an "elected" Abadi overthrow).


BGG: And finally - Najiba Najib: adoption of the investment law will help solving the problems of the financial budget

BGG: First - when is the Investment Law coming and exactly where does this law come up with the revenue to make good and this budget problem??

BGG: OK - "reportedly - the Investment Law is coming soon"

BGG: and secondly - good news to hear Najiba Najib talking like this

BGG: but worth pointing out - she is the MP calling for an RV recently (value, increase, whatever you want to call it - that's what she said)...
BGG: So there it is - soon and she's calling for an increase in value - as an answer to their budgetary crisis...

larrykn: how much weight does she have on making them do what she wants

BGG larrykn: she has a very scary look
BGG larrykn: they would listen if they know whats good for them

larrykn: nothing worse then having a women getting mad

BGG larrykn: sure there is - but I can't think of what that might be right now...

oldmechanic: what office does Najiba Najib hold?

BGG oldmechanic: MP and sits on either the Economic or Finance committee...

VogaNow: Your thoughts and beliefs on this post: The HCL has nothing to do with what we need to look at. It's not going to push anything forward or anything like that. The HCL has to do with the country federalizing and what they are going to do with oil.

BGG VogaNow: I agree.
BGG VogaNow: plus they have a "patch work" of oil laws that would work fine...


oldmechanic: bgg what does MP stand for please?

BGG oldmechanic: Minister of Parliament

horsegal: what is the isdd 2015 summit?

BGG horsegal: Not sure on that one.

horsegal: tmans post post isdd summit

BGG: I saw that - I am unsure.

horsegal: ok thx

BGG: OK gang - that's it for me today - sorry about the quick Round Table... I gotta' run.
BGG: be sure to tune in this evening for News Time with Millionday.

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