Germany declares killed planned to assassinate Iyad Allawi in Berlin

Shafaq News / The General Prosecutor's Office about the man who stabbed a policewoman in the capital Berlin and was shot dead identity, and prosecutors said an Islamist militant, an Iraqi origin and residents of Berlin, and that he was imprisoned on charges of planning to assassinate Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

Berlin police said at the expense of the site "Twitter" "convicted of belonging to a terrorist group and of involvement in a plot to assassinate the Iraqi prime minister," while the German media made it clear that the man called my companion."

The German court has convicted in 2008 of three men, one of whom is named Rafik Mohamad Yousef, develop a plan to assassinate the then Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, on a visit to Berlin in 2004.

The Berlin prosecutor, Michael von Hagen, the man had finished his sentence in prison and wearing electronic ankle gasket allows authorities to track his movements.
It has not yet been the reason behind the attack to the police clear. Von Hagen said, "We can not determine whether the Muslim-motivated or not this crime.

Investigation is just beginning," adding that a second policeman fired four shots at the man, wounding two of them died at the scene.

The police had announced that the police was seriously injured, but stable condition in an intensive care department.

When the scheme was revealed to assassinate Allawi in 2004, German prosecutors said the three men who were arrested members of the group "Ansar al-Islam", an Iraqi militant group that the United States says has links to al-Qaeda.

It was a passer-by has notified Thursday morning after police were monitoring the man in the west of the German capital, which is threatened with a knife citizens. Two police officers attacked the man arrived at the scene after the Trgela of their car.