Kirkuk, demanding the Ministry of Oil to increase its share of the gasoline

Alsumaria News / Kirkuk
Demanded the province of Kirkuk, on Thursday, the Ministry of Oil to increase its share of benzene, stressing that share very few and inadequate, as pointed out that it "Almrashenh" system adopted to ensure the availability of gasoline for vehicle owners time. The deputy governor of Kirkuk Rakan al-Jubouri in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "up to the province of Kirkuk from Baghdad throughout the week is 250 thousand liters of gasoline while the Kirkuk's share of the fuel prior to the tenth of June events of the past year was 1.0003 million thousand liters per day "indicating that" these quantities are often intermittent and continuous. " Jubouri said that "the share of Kirkuk, very few do not meet the required purpose after the cessation of the Baiji refinery for work," pointing out that "the province relied on alternative plans to ensure product to provide for its citizens a day despite the fact that Kirkuk received more than 119 thousand displaced families by more than 600 thousand Nmsh without experiencing any increase in the gasoline. " Jubouri said that "fuel-saving absolute priority to ensure that the occurrence of the scarcity of processing", noting that "maintaining Almrashenh system adopted to ensure the time provided to the owners of all vehicles." Kirkuk is one of the oil-rich Iraqi provinces is currently processing benzene to vehicle owners through the coupon system and the amount of 20 liters per week to the private car and 40 liters for taxis and the same government pricing.