Oversight committee in Basra confirms spend hundreds of billions on Canal irrigation work "failed"

Alsumaria News / Basra
confirmed the Securities and Exchange Commission and the follow-up assignments in the province of Basra, on Thursday, that the canal irrigation "failed", which was constructed 128 kilometers of the Shatt Al-Arab District along the Faw for the purpose valid for irrigation water transport at a cost of more than 350 billion dinars, noting to the Council in the process of referral of the project file to the Integrity Commission. Committee Chairman Ahmed Al Sulaiti in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The incision irrigation canal stretching from area project Ktiban in the district of the Shatt al-Arab to the Faw overlooking the Gulf tainted by suspicions of corruption, so the provincial council asked the priorities of the project for the purpose of referral to the Integrity Commission to investigate it, "noting that" the total cost of the project exceeded the amount stated in the beginning of the implementation of 350 billion dinars. "
He Sulaiti, the head of the Badr in the provincial council, that "the channel involving the technical problems and disadvantages of the construction, some cause stagnant water in certain areas and Vidanha in other regions," adding that "the crossings (pipes) related to the channel extended under the Shatt al-Arab, including one only works out of seven, and crossing gaps it operates, and because of these and other problems is the beneficiary of the project has not received a final so far. "The Chairman of the Committee that" the channel failed, it is the movement of water unfit for irrigation up ratios concentrations of salt in the 8000 part Millions according to the Water Directorate reports, and many of the actors and experts have warned before the implementation of the project of the consequences of failure because success requires the availability of water releases from Nazim favor of a castle in the province of Maysan no less quantity of 50 cubic meters per second, "explaining that" the project was supposed to be implemented after completion is designed to address the shortage and the salinity of the water crisis in the province Italian study, but the Ministry of Water Resources ago in the implementation of the project before the completion of the study. "The local officials in Basra revealed within the context of a report published by Alsumaria News, in (15 September 2015), the irrigation canal that was hundreds of billions of dinars spend on constructed show when they run it failed, according to the director of the Department of Agriculture in the province Amer Salman Abdul-Hussein, "the channel was supposed to convey water fresh valid for irrigation to land with them, but when they run took the movement of water is salty unfit for cultivation "noting that" this means that the channel does not involve any avail, "with Ezzat Chairman of the reconstruction and development of the provincial council flower Albjara channel failed to" rush to the implementation of the project and not to study it carefully. "It is said that the Ministry of Water Resources has contracted with the company Iraqi civil claw channel and processing huge pumps at a cost of 350 billion dinars, the company started work by mid-2010 based on dozens of vehicles and hundreds of workers, the ministry believes that the new channel, which extends 128 km length will be a successful substitute for the role of Allarroaii Shatt al-Arab after the water became more salty and polluted . In (12 August 2014), Water Resources Directorate in Basra announced the start of the trial run of the channel after it completed 94% accounted for, said at the time Director of the Directorate Aladdin Taher said that "the new irrigation canal is scheduled to contribute to the revival of agriculture in the districts of the Shatt Arabs and dad Fertile, FAO, and also allow the establishment of new industrial projects, as it believes in the need of the population of the three districts of fresh water for domestic use. "