Justice Minister calls for activation of the counter-terrorism conventions for drying daash

Announced during a meeting with visiting United Nations team
Justice Minister Dr. Haidar Al-zamily, importance of the conventions to combat terrorism signed between Iraq and the United Nations Member States to reduce the flow of terrorists and drying daash planning.
The Minister announced this during a meeting with visiting United Nations team headed by Mr. (Jean Paul Kapur) and the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in the presence of the General Director of the Iraqi reform and Director General of the legal service and a representative of the State Council, noting the importance of contributing to the cooperation between the Ministry of Justice and the United Nations on legislation in the fight against terrorism in Iraq and the region.
The Minister said: the Ministry allocated a team competent to cooperate with United Nations Commission composed of members of the (Iraqi and legal reform and the Council of the State), indicating that the Committee is competent to enact anti-terrorism laws and audited and applied in cooperation with the United Nations.
The Minister said: the possibility of overcoming all obstacles in order to achieve the interests of Iraq and the States of the region to achieve security and peace and to end the presence of gangs daash by activating the agreements and legislation, and hoped that the international organizations contribute to impose laws on Member States to prevent terrorism through its territory and its drying and decriminalize illegal traffic of terrorists across its borders.
The Minister pointed out that international organizations did not take deterrent measures funded States and supporting terrorism, and scoffed at land and sea ports for the reception of terrorists and export to Iraq and Syria and in full view of international public opinion, which has not lifted a finger to hold those States sponsoring terrorism.
The Minister continued: that evidence obtained through security forces terrorist groups possess sophisticated weaponry mechanisms belonging to the armies of neighboring countries, confirming their participation in the war against Iraq wasnzav wealth, and at the same time these countries asking about the fate of its citizens from terrorists seeking to release confirming halted all international laws and conventions against terrorism.
In turn, the President of the internationalist Group (Jean Paul Kapur), the United Nations is currently overseeing the preparation of special resolutions are binding for Member States in combating organized daash, اسء many bands whose influence was limited and confined to a specific area while the terrorist organization poses a threat to the entire international community.
The UN team leader said: the United Nations reaffirms its support for the whole of Iraq in the area of legislation to limit terrorism in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, in addition to seeking to provide the necessary support to the judges and prosecutors training, stating that the United Nations Security Council recently issued decisions that criminalize daash planning and in terrorism coverage to all conventions on terrorist organizations.