Iraq set off a bomb caliber and declares "zero hour" for the entry of Mosul, but with conditions? !!

Date: 09/17/2015

Palm-Iraqi defense minister, "Khaled al-Obeidi," revealed the existence of great pressure from the people of Nineveh is pushing for liberalization of Mosul Aldoaash terrorists who led by terrorist, "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Obeidi said today we are in front of the pressure of public opinion and popular media are pushing for a big speed up the liberalization of Mosul from terrorists pointing out that the size of the force available to us should we choose the right time for the Liberation of Mosul Conception terrorists.

We added today are serious about liberation of Mosul Aldoaash and will be starting operations as soon as possible.

The city of Mosul has fallen, however Daash terrorist gangs on June 9, 2014, where it included killing and displacement and confiscation of property and the enslavement of women and Astbaanhn of Turkmen Shiites and Shiite Arabs, Yezidis and Christians as well as the Kurdish soldiers, and the Peshmerga Kurdish in some areas, and led to the destruction of property and shrines of the Prophets and parents, and mosques and Husseiniyahs in those areas, and to massacres against Yazidis, minorities, and opponents of the approach Daash locals.

And it announced that all of the United States of America, and the Arab League and standing with the Government of Iraq and solidarity, while the Secretary-General of the United Nations expressed concern over the violence in Iraq and on the religious level, Imam Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called "long live blooming" to Ulkipaia jihad, and carry Generally terrorists weapons, and stressed that it kills for the home will be a martyr.

Then the heroic security forces launched with the help of the popular crowd and those who care about the people of the tribes holy war against terrorist Daash gangs in some areas controlled by gangs Daash, and is now waiting for the zero hour for the Liberation of Mosul Conception of terrorists.