Committed corruption cousin Nuri al-Maliki to the Judicial Council file


Friday 0.18 September 0.2015

A source in the Criminal province of Karbala Court today that the Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud called for the transfer of private investigation file an organ of the provincial council Jassim al-Maliki, a cousin of Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki to the Judicial Council.

The source said in an interview that "the secret book mentioned by Mahmood for the transfer of private investigation file Maliki to the Supreme Judicial Council. " He added that "This is the first time in which the request for investigation of the case by the Judicial Council file".

Say specialists legal affairs in there for fear of diluting the issue of Abu Howrah and hide the evidence against him and then be released or may be smuggled, as happened to the killer of former Karbala coach Mohammed Abbas, where they were eight accused of smuggling out of ten after he turned the material that ruled accordingly from (405) to (331) where recommended the Supreme Court of Appeal re-trial "were criminal Karbala court, in (2 September 2015) a warrant for the arrest of a member of Provincial Council for the rule of law Jassim Hamid Hani al-Maliki, on charges of abusing his position to obtain funds illegally.

An informed source said that "the crimes of Karbala Court issued an arrest warrant for the provincial council member Jassim Hamid Hani al-Maliki, known as Abu Howrah," noting that "the accused took advantage of his position to obtain funds illegally with the help of Mnacharth elements Federal in Tar area.

"The source, who asked not to be named, said:" The investigation reported that the accused was assisted by federal police elements to force truck owners to get to his steelyard and meet the amounts of material of them according to receipts informal ", adding that" investigations have proved that the accused gets very large sums of money during a month.

"The source continued," It is being investigated also with the Director of the Department of Allowaradt in the province because of the large amounts Asthsal them Kajoor collection of quarries sand in Karbala and that It was done illegally, as the receipts were not officially sealed, "explaining that" investigations are still going on by the Integrity Commission to uncover the perpetrators of stealing public money. "

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi face, in (9 August 2015), open files past and present corruption under the supervision of a higher committee working principle of "Where did you get this," while eliminating called for the adoption of a number of well-known judges of integrity to investigate and prosecute corrupt.