Pope: the world should address the suffering of Syria and Iraq

Twilight News / Pope Francis he said on Thursday, during a meeting hosted by the Vatican about the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East should be on the world to act to end the suffering in Syria and Iraq without resorting to military intervention.

In 2013, Francis launched an appeal against the "futile pursuit of a military solution," and in a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin has been forwarded to all the participants in the summit of the Group of Twenty in St. Petersburg.

The Pope said on Thursday: "We need to find a solution, which is impossible to be violent, because violence only causes new wounds."

He added that "the international community seems unable to find appropriate solutions while arms dealers continue to achieve their interests, arms covered with the blood of innocent people."

Earlier this week, when the Vatican said he would invite charities and Catholic bishops and other officials to discuss the situation in Syria and Iraq, he said that more than 250 thousand people have died and a million others were injured there since 2011.

Francis says he prays for the victims, but he is especially thinking of persecuted Christians.