Barzani visits Baghdad

Twilight News / announced deputy in the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Thursday, to determine the Kurdistan Region's budget within the general Iraqi budget for 2016 will be similar to last year's budget, indicating that it is scheduled to be President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani heads the head of a delegation to Baghdad .

The MP dry longings in a statement responded to Twilight News, she had spoken with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadel Prophet on the 2016 budget, asserting that the prophet told her that determine the budget next year will be along the lines of the same paragraph contained in the current year budget.

Dry and added that the prophet Fadel said that the budget will see a decrease.

She continued dry assurances that the Prophet joyful because there will be no new negotiations on the paragraphs of the budget because it has been developed on this basis.

Dry and indicated that Baghdad did not respond to the memorandum submitted by the Erbil ahead of the Eid al-Fitr last by former Deputy Prime Minister Nuri Shaways example, has typically to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

She explained that the meeting of heads of parliamentary blocs with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi saw direct question by the Kurdish bloc to Abadi, in this regard, pointing out that he replied that he did not want to talk about these issues in the media.

Dry She said she is due Abadi position that it is likely that there are many of those anti-Ebadi and his government that does not want to talk about the issue through the media.

And on the delegation of the provincial government he went to Baghdad confirmed Dry is scheduled to delegation headed by Prime Minister Barzani Naچervan heading to Baghdad, afterthought that the date of the visit and the delegation members will meet with whom the delegation is still not specific issues.

The Baghdad and Erbil have agreed last year that the first export of 550 000 barrels of oil through the pipeline Turkish Kurdish daily average for the benefit of the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO, including 300 000 barrels of Kirkuk oilfields and the rest of the fields of the region, that is second to send the region's share of the budget General, amounting to 17% of it, is that the two sides often accuse each other of failing to honor the agreement.