Chalabi: Detection of "dollar auction gangs" in the Central Bank

Between the head of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmad Chalabi, on Thursday, the central bank sold to banks own "312" billion dollars under the pretext of import, revealing that the government needs to "115" billion dollars only.

He revealed Chalabi, said the Finance Committee revealed the dollar auction gangs in the bank Central, and reached extensive information, but there is no response from the central bank or from the government according to the source.

Chalabi said "551" billion dollars entered Iraq from 2006 to 2014 "and that" imports of the Iraqi state in full, of food, clothing, fuel and weapons , only "115" billion dollars "do not need, and Acharvi interview told" news "that the central bank sold to banks for import under the pretext of" 312 "billion dollars, equivalent to 270% of the imports of the state."