Adoption of the national card «an official document»

Ghabban: educate citizens on receipt of Baghdad - Al-Sabah stressed Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban the adoption of a unified national card as an official document in all the Ministry of institutions Aldakhalih.baan the ministry received »Sabah» copy of which was pointed out that Ghabban «presided over yesterday the weekly meeting of the Higher Committee of the card Standard, the presence of general sexual Director Major General Mehdi grace Waeli and a number of concerned bodies chock and discussed what has been achieved from the decisions of the previous meeting and the stages of work in the Directorate of Diyala, which began distributing the card on citizens on Sunday bridge hand ».watny Interior Minister« the efforts made ​​by the concerned card Consolidated and the continuity and progress of work », indicating that« will reward outstanding workers in the standard card ».
He said« the withdrawal of the old archives in force previously of all citizens who received the single card », stressing that« adopted as an official document in all joints and institutions of the Ministry of Interior ».
He also called for «the need to educate citizens on the use and recognizes the single card, and condensing the media for that matter».
The meeting discussed the other to work and structures for the card unified infrastructure phases in the districts of nationality other in Baghdad and the provinces. The general sexual Directorate at the Ministry of the Interior, began last Sunday, the issuance of the card National Standard as an alternative to the four archives in force for decades.