Deputy: "whales" corruption uncovered accounting Abadi!

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-National Coalition mp Kazem Al-shammari, the House will consider the mandate of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, if reforms continued procrastination and lack of accountability of spoilers, said in a statement: "the Parliament grant Abadi did not get chance already in any of the successive Governments ruling Iraq or even other countries through the grant of full powers to carry out comprehensive reforms to meet the demands of the masses and desire, but what happened to Al-Abbadi with profound regret the disappointment proved Parliament and dashed Assumptions people those dreams which did not result from lack of seriousness in achieving reforms ", adding that" Parliament has put forward a package of reforms coincided with the first Government package, we had promised to put up a package of reforms, but pushed to the intersection and the embarrassment of the Government being Executive was our desire to discuss the package with Abadi while hosted in the House of representatives to listen to feedback from and the feasibility of implementing the second packagePots. "he noted that" Al-Abbadi shamari missed opportunity we have and the people to move to the second package after failure to attend hosting ostensibly more important concerns and do not know what or obligations which are among the priorities of Al-Abbadi is more important than people's demands and bookmark "." we be continued procrastination and lack of accountability of spoilers and meet the demands of the masses we will be forced to reconsider the mandate given for Abadi in RSSThe God of us expresses disappointment with the Government's actions did not fit the size of the subject and its significance in time to see that there are youth migration to Europe and we hope to contain them by drawing a glimmer of hope for them in the new Iraq is far from sectarianism and corruption and false promises, "was scheduled to host the House during its yesterday, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to discuss reforms and file security and political developments, but the hosting was postponed until after the holiday of Eid al-Adha, to crowded agenda of Prime, As mp for the Islamic Dawa party relationship. it is worth noting that, this is the second postponement, where Prime Minister Haider Abadi, on the 10th of September being [last week], attending to the House of representatives, was scheduled to be hosted to discuss government reforms. 8a%25d8%25a7%25d8%25b3%25d9%258a%25d8%25a9%2F%25d9 %2586%25d8%25a7%25d8%25a6%25d8%25a8%25d8%25ad%25d9 %258a%25d8%25aa%25d8%25a7%25d9%2586%25d8%25a7%25d9 %2584%25d9%2581%25d8%25b3%25d8%25a7%25d8%25af-%25d8%25ba%25d9%258a%25d8%25b1-%25d9%2585%25d8%25b4%25d9%2585%25d9%2588%25d9%2584 %25d8%25a9-%25d8%25a8%25d9%2585%25d8%25ad%25d8%25a7%25d8%25b3 %25d8%25a8%25d8%25a9%2F